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> General aRO Rules..., For those unclear on the principle
  Posted: Apr 1 2004, 12:58 AM
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Well, we've had some issues and queries with rules in this game, so I'll post them here for everybody to see. Hopefully this'll cut down on problems and incidences of necessary banning.

- No cursing in public. Keep it to PMs, guild chat, or party chat, if you want to do so. This is a private server, so remember that we -do- keep an eye out.
- No killstealing. That is, if someone's attacking an enemy, don't attack it; if someone's obviously setting up a train for experience, find other enemies to attack. We've got enough space for everyone at the moment. If someone else is killstealing from you, contact a GM and we'll identify the claim -- by no means feel obligated to leave if you're having enemies stolen from you.
- No harassment. This means that if a person tells you to stop PM'ing them, do so. If a person tells you to leave them alone, do so. If you don't, that in itself is harassment. If a GM tells you to leave a person alone, do so to the best of your ability. This goes for flaming too.
- Gouging other players is frowned upon. This includes setting up enormous prices for items which are normally gained through NPC means, or false claims for merchant prices (390z red potions were a common trick on iRO).
- Don't argue with the GMs. If they tell you to do something, do it. It may seem fascist, but it's really not.
- For that matter, PLEASE do not bother the GMs for support. They're there to help players with conflict, rule problems, and other such issues, not to run services such as healing, teleport, or resurrections. If you're in a party and you die, make sure the other person has yggdrasil leaves.
- If you want an account for a friend, have that friend join the IRC channel. It helps to validate their account.

Right now, that's all there is, aside from the standard 'don't act the idiot' clause which states that anybody who tries brinksmanship (the art of pushing rules to the edge) is liable to be attacked with a very large sword. Thanks for playing.

--GM Almanos
"Reason is thought, instinct is emotion, and common sense should be a lot more common than it really is."
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Posted: Aug 23 2004, 05:12 AM
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I would like to add on that we're also not here for modeling colors or items. Alchemists are a slight exception for color, but it irritates us (me especially) when asked to do so.

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