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Was stopping by, i used to play here way back when, with Nevv, and Usagi, was a sage named Onochro, and my hunter, which i forgot the name. Just stoppin by to say Hey, and see if anyone plays this anymore, thinkin about jumpin back on it with a friend.
Arktis Fuchs
Wrong spot, belongs in introductions. :|

Welcome to aRO though. Hope you enjoy the stay.

(Don't worry, you'll see little of me. This is a bad reply for a first post. The rest are nice.)
Hello there. I don't know when you used to play here, but AngelicRO has changed a lot. There is now two servers (a low rate and a middle rate). I assume you know that already though, if you have taken a look at the main page. Anyway, I don't remember you or any of your characters, probably because we did not play at the same time, but welcome to aRO.

P.S. : Moved to Introduction section.
your forum name looks familiar as does your sage's name.

dont mind the forum nazis >.> (jk guys dont hurt me) by all means feel free to rejoin, we could really use more players. If you intend to play the mid rate "Lilim" there is an important issue you should read in the news forum.
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