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Full Version: Suguri: A Little War in Brand-New Earth
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Suguri: A Little War in Brand-New Earth
Released: December 30th, 2005
Translated: May 8th, 2008
Creator: 橙汁 "Daidai Jiru" (Orange Juice)
Translator: Sara J. Leen

The blue star known as Earth was tattered and black.
It was filled with wars, and the people and the Earth died.

The few people to survive mistreated the Earth and threw it away.
Some of them even left, discarding the planet entirely.

The few people remaining after that decided they had to heal the Earth.
But, the damage was too great, and people could no longer tend to the land.

Therefore, people began "Project One" to somehow heal the earth.
In surprising time, just one person finished Project One successfully.
He did this at great cost, the cost of his life.

The person he used for the project was named "Suguri".

Suguri began to heal the Earth.
The only hope for the Earth to be healed was this single girl.

A long, long time passed.

The little planet became beautiful.
Little flowers came into bloom.
Forests began to spread.
Even the wildlife began to reappear.
People besides Suguri also returned to the planet.
Suguri did her best together with everyone.

Time kept passing on...

One day, something came down from the sky.
It wasn't snow, and it wasn't rain.
It wasn't a bird, either, although it seemed to fly in the sky.
Suguri didn't understand what it was, but everyone else was afraid,
so she decided to investigate the situation.

Whew, what can I say about Suguri...
I love this game and I love this series.
This is a sidescrolling shooter doujin game that's hard to compare to anything else.
It also has a sequel, Acceleration of Suguri, that is quite unlike anything else.
(Except maybe Senko no Ronde, but even then it's a lot different.)
I highly recommend this game. It also has a good amount of replay value.
This is due to 3 difficulty levels, hidden modes, and many unlockable weapons.

Click here to download Suguri.
Can this be played on the keyboard?

Z is weapon 1.
X is weapon 2.
C is dashing.
V is the hyper attack (of weapon 1).
V (while holding X) is the hyper attack of weapon 2.
F2 to pause the game.
ESC to close the game.

There's three difficulty levels : Hard, Very Hard and Impossible (actually, Easy, Normal and Hard, but even the easy mode will destroy you for a while). You unlock new weapons as you play through. Some of the later weapons will make some stages or some parts much easier. All weapons are somewhat useful, but some require a lot more technique to pull off well. My favorite is the Shock.

Dashing is helpful because you can go through beam/energy attacks without losing health. Projectiles (missiles, etc) will hurt you as normal, though. While dashing, you build up heat, which increases the damage you take from enemy attacks by whatever % is shown, up to +300% (effectively quadrupling damage taken). Therefore, use dashing sparingly. Heat goes down slowly while not dashing. At first, dashing is hard to use, but the more you play, the better you control it.

As you attack monsters, there's a meter that will slowly fill up. It's the hyper attack gauge. Once full, you can use a hyper attack, which is generally stronger, or has a bigger range, etc, and consumes one point of the meter. You can fill up the meter three times at once, effectively saving up three hyper attacks for a stage boss, for example. When using a hyper attack, you are invincible for a short while, which is shown by some kind of aura around Suguri (your character) which closes in on her (hope that makes sense). Using a hyper attack is often a good way to avoid damage if you think you're not going to be able to avoid being hit and/or your heat meter is very high.

Note : Touching an enemy does not hurt you. Only touching their attacks/projectiles does. Also, the game auto-targets enemies. It's usually helpful, but sometimes inconvenient when the game still targets an enemy that is about to leave the screen and you don't want to kill anymore while there's five more enemies that just appeared and you can't seem to target yet.
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