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Full Version: Dead Branches issues
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I understand that players can break dead breaches on a variety of maps, to include the PVP rooms. From what I have seen though, a few monsters have been left on a couple of maps, and another player and myself have to clean up what's been left over. While, I don't mind killing the monsters that have been left wherever they've been spawned, it does get annoying. But onto what I'm trying to say is, we should use either a specific map or room, in order to break DBs and Bloody Branches. It will eliminate the need to just leave monsters laying around, and players won't have to worry if they can't level because something they can't kill has just been left there.

Thanks, Geist.
I cannot reply about the suggestion directly, but this is related.

You are allowed to ask a GM to kill any monster that is not supposed to spawn on that map (from Dead Branch, Heirozoist card, Azoth...) that was left unkilled by someone else, or that you summoned yourself.
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