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Full Version: Friday Event Night
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I will be updating this post as often as I can with the events planned for each week.

November 14th, 2008
Unfortunately, there most likely won't be any events tonight due to lack of availability.
If by chance I am around and enough people are online on one of the servers, it could still happen.
It's just not very likely this week. I'm sorry.

You may reply to this thread with comments and suggestions.
However, it will be cleared every week when the thread is updated.
Updated for November 14th, 2008.
Greetings, administrator Sara biggrin.gif I`m new here. How`s the event?
The way the event goes is up to Sara herself, and whoever is online to decide. Sometimes it's a simple hide-and-seek, sometimes it's question games, etc. It really is decided on the spot, not so much planned ahead of time. However, the event is cancelled if there's not enough players online. There's ticket rewards at the end, which can be exchanged for various items from the Ticket Exchange NPC in Prontera.
Question..I know you've been busy lately, but since there have been quite a few people on Lilim lately (I say quite a few, because it's more than I ever see on Gabriel anymore) Would there be events on Lilim then? I was only asking because as far as I know, there were never any FNE on Lilim at all. Course...I may have missed em in my absence...but if so this post can be completely disregarded.
We actually havent HAD events for months... we need sara's aproval to even run one and we lack ideas on what events to run
Yeah, I know you need her approval and such. But as for what events to run...well, I don't want to go into it now, but there are quite a few you can do, I mostly don't want to go into it because right now all I can think of are the most obvious ones. But don't forget, there are almost TONS of word games that can be played.
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