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entry Nov 4 2007, 08:22 AM
I had planned to some gift cards I found and hadn't used yet to buy a trilogy of books from Borders' website. Instead of buying the $6-$7 new copies I figured I'd buy them used for less than a dollar, that way I could fit a few more books on the gift card. I had six books in my cart when I tried to checkout, all from two of the vendors. Then I find out my card doesn't work for people selling used books and only works for the new ones. sad.gif

Since the total only came out to around $11.48 or somewhere around there (including the $3.99 x2 for shipping from the vendors) I figured I could add in even more books and just use my credit card to pay for them.

The new total was $6.32 + $3.99 shipping x2 for the two vendors = $14.30.

The books I had were:
Atlas Shrugged and Anthem by Ayn Rand
1984 by George Orwell
The Golden Compass and The Subtle Knife (books one and two of the His Dark Materials trilogy) by Philip Pullman (none of the two vendors had the third book D:)
Wind from a Foreign Sky, A Tremor in the Bitter Earth, and Prince of Fire and Ashes (Tielmaran Chronicles trilogy) by Katya Reimann

Now, throughout the checkout process the only time it ever told me my total was when it didn't include shipping and it showed it in my cart as $6.32 since most of the books were listed at a low price. Select shipping address, still no other prices. Select shipping method, still no other prices. Then I come to the payment page. I still didn't see a total anywhere. And then I saw this line: "Your cost could be $8.24 instead of $38.24! Get the VisaŽ Card INSTANTLY and you'll automatically get $30.00 back after your first purchase." >:(!

Instead of paying $3.99 for each vendor you have to pay $3.99 per item. :U

8<\ yip yip yip...

Entries in September 2007

entry Sep 21 2007, 05:38 PM
I should start posting in this thing; at least it will give me something to do. ohmy.gif

I put some cards into one of my +10 Axe[4]s and then found an Orc Lady Card and put that in as well. My reasoning was that instead of waiting for one (or two) more Hydra Card(s) and/or two Skeleton Worker Cards to make double bloody double boned axe or a triple bloody chain, I could just make a specialized HO/Pasana weapon and just level on them until 99. The weapon was originally intended to be a double bloody double flammable but it ended up being a bloody double flammable smashing axe[4]. Regardless of how well it functions the name is pretty awesome. :3

With only an ice endow from some converters I hit High Orcs for 1k+ damage per hit. With bless/agi/impositio I get this:

With bless/impositio/gloria I kill High Orcs in a single Mammonite. I'd love to see my damage with a Porcellio Card (atk+25, def-5; armor) added in. <3

I was also able to participate in the new Emperium Wars. Xenu and I first broke the left barrier stone and were counting on the other ~10 people who went to the right one to break it on our way to the emperium so we could take the castle before they even get there. We get to the emp and we can't attack it because the right barrier stone is still up. >:( We backtrack to the right stone to find the people DEFENDING the stone from being attacked. ro-ag.gif It was destroyed eventually and we were able to attack the emperium. >:3 was the first guild to break the emperium in the new castle.

Xenu and I rocked EW even though we didn't end up with the castle. Call for Freedom ended up with their castle~ :3

Also: Adventurer's need a serious nerf ASAP. I wouldn't mind the fact that they can equip almost everything if they had the HP that Super Novices are supposed to have. They should die in 2-4 Mammonites, not 7-8 while also being in a near-instant-cast build. It doesn't help that the novice equips make them pretty insane with all of that equipment and HP.

Novice Manteau w/ Raydric Card = -30% from neutral damage

Novice Shield w/ Thara Frog Card = -20% from all elements except neutral and -30% from demi-humans

Poo Poo Hat/Beret/Feathered Beret = -10% from demi-humans

Neutral Attack of 1000
30% from neutral + 40% demi-humans = 420 damage
1000 * (0.7 * 0.6) = 420

Elemetal Attack of 1000
20% from elements + 40% from demi-humans = 480 damage
1000 * (0.8 * 0.6) = 480

Add in 20 equipment defense and those numbers turn into 336 and 384.
30 equipment defense turns the 420 and 480 into 294 and 336 respectively.

Then subtract their vit defense from those numbers if they have any. :U

So even if you use an elemental weapon to bypass Raydric Cards your damage still gets reduced. This wouldn't be a problem if their HP wasn't like 5x it should be and they couldn't use all of these high def stuff. Make them Super Novices, give them their 99 job levels back and be done with it. >:(


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