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Full Version: And then this happened
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I have decided to make a shop to try to get up some Zeny, here goes


Axe[3] x3
Girl's Diary[1]
Guisarme [3]

Hat[1] x2
Bandana x6
Ribbon[1] x3
Eggshell x19
Master Archer's Apple x5
Apple Hat x4
Advent's Hat[1]x2

Gauntlet[1] (Ninja Shield)
Leather Jacket[1]
Padded Armor[1]
Chain Mail[1]
Silk Robe[1] x6
Panties x16
+4 Clarity Tights (Anolian Carded)

Sandals[1] x3
Ball'n'Chain x2

Poring x2
Hill Wind (Thunderstorm, Jupiter Thunder, Lord of Vermillion +5%)x2
Wild Rose (AGI +1, Thief Jobs Lucky Doge +5)

~^~Everything Else~^~
Stem x24
Cracked Diamondx5
Rough Ori x110
Rough Elu x35
Iron x65
Steel x11
Iron Ore x200
Phracon x11
Emveretarcon x68
Star Dust x2
Star Crumb x1
Royal Jelly x1
Level 6 Cook Book
Soft Feather x4
Blacksmith's Hammer x3
Chivalry Emblem x1

Thats it for now. This is my first shop, so it may be a little tacky and I'm very sorry for that.

Things to craft [any] arrows
Arbalest[2] Many, Many
Skeleton Archer Card x1
Ancient Glove
Ulle's Cap[1] (I think it's U r's cap here)
Archer card set(Anolian, Cruiser, Dragon Tail, Merman, and Alligator Cards)
I also need the slotted equips needed for this set.
Slot your panties at the NPC (and a tanktop) for epic agi boost for your archer set.
Yes that would be nice, only I don't have a tanktop or the 400k per needed to slot them.
Tanktops are common enough drops from pasana (which are decent exp), and Hill Winds would be good exp and good Zeny tongue.gif

I'm interested in your rough ori/elu though.
I have a Dragontail card, would you be willing to trade your Gargoyle card for it?
Thanks for the tip there Maiko and Just catch me in-game and I'll get those roughs to ya

The Gargoyle card for the Dragontail card is kool with me Just catch me in-game as well.
Quick edit on my wants and added a cracked diamond for sale.
I will buy all your rough ori and rough elu from you. Just name price.
Quick edit on my wants and removed the gargoyle card.

As for the roughs, I was offered a Dragontail card for them, let me check back on that and I'll get back to ya. ro-no1.gif
this is everything? you have nothing like a mantis card?
Sorry to disappoint >.> But I was inactive for like 6 months and cards have a tendency to not liking to drop for me >.> But if you like I could hunt one for you....
Edited wants again.
Added Hill Wind card O.o

Thanks Kitten for helping me get my Tanktop[1] ro-no1.gif
Edited a few minor things and updated my few wants
bump again for my impossible wants must be impossible ro-sob.gif
Your wants are easy! look at mine, just make a hunt thred and get them, wont take long!
I'll take the karvos off your hands
I'll buy the blossoms and poison spores off you tongue.gif
Edited quantities on some items. Added more rough elus and oris. Added a few other things.
Edited wants to 1 SA card and now needing many Arbalest[2]'s for refining and help refining them....
Shoppe now closed for good, thanks for your interest, although only 2 or 3 people actually bought from it because thats all the people that played.
"Good grief Charley Brown!"
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