Welcome to angelicRO!
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Welcome to angelicRO!

Thank you for considering us as a source of entertainment and enjoyment for yourself. As a server that has been running for a couple of years, we're constantly striving to maintain the highest level of quality possible when it comes to Ragnarok Online, both in gameplay and player service. Because of this, the only thing we're missing are more players like yourself to join us.

To start getting a feeling of what we're trying to accomplish, try browsing around the site. The square buttons just below the banner and white box can show you the different sections. We've worked to make this page fast and easy to view.

Our rates are essentially 2x, and while most people may not like low rate servers, we are one of the most up to date servers out there, so take courage, and don't let it stop you from joining our community.

If you decide you'd like to give angelicRO a try, start up the download for the client and then feel free to drop by our forums to introduce yourself while you get set up.

We welcome you to our IRC channel if any of your questions or concerns aren't answered on our site or forums. Load up your IRC client and point it towards:

Server: irc.esper.net
Channel: #angelringguard

Once again, thank you for your visit and we hope that your stay is more than temporary. Welcome to angelicRO.

the angelicRO Team


With an in-house translator and developer, all patches are worked on as soon as they hit the kRO server, and soon after applied on our servers. You'll have a hard time finding another server that's maintained and updated as cleanly and fast as ours. Come enjoy the latest!


Expect to be greeted by the other players as soon as you see one. GMs are at hand to answer any questions you may have, helping you to the best of their ability. Let us meet you!


Extensive rules that try to cover most scenarios in detail, so you'll be treated with justice and respect. Right to appeal to any GM decision you find unfair. And in case you don't like the rules, you can suggest changes for them. Become part of our fair playerbase!


Weekly Emperium Wars with guilds that use strategy and teamwork more often than power. It can be easy to find someone in your class with whom to race to level 70, 80, or more! Care for a challenge?


Over two years running, any inconvenience you can image we can probably remember. This also translates into experience handling players and awkward situations. And we're still learning! Think you can teach us something new?


Server crashed? It'll automatically restart, and since your progress is saved every couple of minutes you won't have lost much work. Add monthly backups and you can start trusting us with your time. Be confident we'll be available when you want to play.


No overpowered items and no unbalancing features. We do our best to maintain an environment similar to an official server. Enjoy a more authentic playing experience!

Help Keep Our Community Enjoyable!

The following constitutes a brief listing of actions than can be considered criminal by the GM team. These articles are to be considered a guide to playing a rule-abiding character in this environment, and are provided to the community with the intention of improving gameplay.

All articles can be interpreted as best judged by GMs on a case by case basis, following a desire to be just and taking into considerations all relevant views put forth by involved players before taking final judgement.

Reports concerning breaking of any of these articles are welcome and accepted. However, there should be considerable evidence accompanying these reports so that the case can be proved by merely looking at the facts. Please use caution and common sense; reports are not to be used as a form of revenge or blackmail. Investigate before jumping to a conclusion, and you'll be considerably aiding the community remain fair for all.

Punishment for committing any of the offenses mentioned below will be determined by the GM at hand, be it jail or a ban. Please respect a GMs decision, and apply for an appeal if you disagree. However, acting rudely and in an offensive manner due to a conviction won't aid your case in any given situation.

Questions, comments and suggestions are most welcome so as to improve the quality of this guide.

+ Harrasment

Situations which involve extreme annoyance and consistent torment should fall under this article. It should be evident that the offender has as a main goal only to irritate and otherwise hinder the playing experience, with no apparent cause that would urge the offender to do so.

By no means is harrasment to be considered solely verbal. Guiding monsters to attack another player or healing a monster that another player is attacking can and will fall under this category.

+ Stealing

Taking items from the ground that belong to another player constitutes stealing loot, and for the most part should be self-evident; if there's any doubt as to the ownership of loot, ask your fellow player before taking action.

Monster ownership is established whenever a player attacks a monster or a group of monsters. So far as he or she is fighting, the monsters can be attributed to them. In turn, fighting should be considered as any engagement between a player and a monster or group of monsters, the importance of this being that magic attacks fall under this category.

Boss monsters, also known as MVPs, are considered free for all and thus are exempt from stealing.

Please note that the act of fighting and engaging in battle is crucial: gathering a group of monsters or being attacked by monsters while not retaliating does not assign ownership to a monster.

Ownership is lost either once the monster is dead, the owner leaves the range of the monster (this includes hiding, unless actively attacking such as with Grimtooth or Raid), or the owner stops attacking the monster with no visible explanation.

+ Bots

A bot is described as any sort of device that permits a player character to battle monsters without the need for input from a user.

There will be absolutely no tolerance for their use under all circumstances. The message is clear: do not use them.

+ Cursing

Under the conception that players of all ages are present in this environment, there is to be no tolerance for cursing or swearing in areas frequented by other players or otherwise considered public. Simple manipulations of curse words (for example, using an asterisk to replace a letter) are not exempt.

+ Bug Exploiting

Bugs or otherwise unintended situations which can put a player at an advantage over others should in no way be used or exploited. Instead opt to report it to a GM so that the bug can be labeled and fixed.

+ Sharing Accounts

All accounts are provided for the use of one distinct person. If multiple accounts are provided for a single person, only one of these is permitted to be in use at any one time. Furthermore, the act of more than one client being in use at any time by a single person is also a severe offense.

+ Appealing

If you consider that your case has been wrongly judged, it is possible to file an appeal. However, sufficient evidence or otherwise reasoning should be provided in order to warrant a retrial; it is asked to use judgement when applying for an appeal.

Upon approval, both the prosecutor and the defender will be called forth to represent their views on the case once again.

Each case is open for one appeal and one appeal only.

Administrator Sara-chan

Name? Sara Leen.
Likes? Chocolate, video games, anime, chocolate.
Dislikes? Sports and violence.
Favorite Job? Maybe TaeKwon.
Goals? To keep things going peacefully.

Assistant Administrator Arktis

Name? I don't go by my real name online.
Likes? Katzec, Pizza, 1st Gen DSMs, overnight coding, animals of all kinds... There's more, but I'm lazy. Oh, the Koenigsegg. And the T1.
Dislikes? Broken cars, the texture of oatmeal, getting set on fire, half of 4chan, hardcore furries... Uh... Dead cellphones. Crappy music. Aglets.
Favorite Job? Assassin Cross.

Game Master Baco

Name? I'd rather not make it that public.
Likes? Rock and techno music, Computers in general (games, programming).
Dislikes? "plz", bad manners, unpoliteness and.. Mimics.
Favorite Job? Lord Knight <3
Newbie Advice? Be persistent in your leveling and your item-hunting. You'll eventually get what you're looking for.

Game Master - Satsu

Name? Daryl.
Likes? Reading, Writing, Computers, Music, Games.
Dislikes? I can't think of any... That's weird.
Favorite Job? Sage.
Favorite Place? Prontera Field 11. It's a secluded retreat where nature just seems to envelope you within its grasp, the rush of water, the chirp of birds, the sense of peace. My own little piece of Paradise.

Game Master Citan

Name? Bryan.
Likes? Long walks on the beach, skydiving, Braveheart.
Dislikes? Anything Emo..
Favorite Job? Gunslinger..
Favorite Skill? Sit.

Game Master Katzec

Name? Angela.
Likes? Ark, ramen, RPGs of all kinds, Ark, plushes and A-Kon and cos-playing.
Dislikes? Cold/Steamed veggies, coffee, rude/extremely close-minded people and people with a lack of humor... And movie creators that jack up a story they take from books.
Favorite Job? Honestly... I have no clue.
Favorite Item? Boxes.

Game Master Katsyn

Name? (Unknown)
Likes? (Unknown)
Dislikes? (Unknown)
Favorite Job? (Unknown)

Personal Relations Reita

Name? Jennifer.
Hobbies? Drawing, Writing, Listening to Music.
Likes? Kittens < They are so kawaii!
aRO Likes? Tentacles, Rotokips, and JT. >:3
Dislikes? Mukas, Mime Monkies! >:| and losing any fight.
Favorite Place? Kunlun.
Favorite Song? Tear You Apart by She Wants Revenge.
Best Quality? Love to make others smile.
Worst Quality? Takes on more than can handle. o.<;;;

Assistant Coder Roto

Name? Jeremy.
Character? A robotic treasure hunter, supposedly once human. Wears a red scarf and goggles, and wields a laser pistol.
Fun Fact? Is a former modder and volunteer game developer.
Likes? Technology, Candybars, Strategy RPGs, Glasses. (<3)
Dislikes? Things that are old, busted, broken, borked, bugged, missing pieces, or just plain not working.
"so i herd u liek rotokips."

Game Master Madoimaru

Name? Jasha. (Spelled with a J, pronounced with a "Y".)
Likes? Friends, the color orange, astronomy, drawing, and comics.
Dislikes? Most vegetables, liars, primary blue. (It BURNS us! D:)
Favorite Job? Rogue.
Favorite Place? Currently? Moscovia.

Game Master Zink

Name? PJ.
Likes? Storm Gust, long walks on the plank, Music, and Gaming.
Dislikes? Scratched CDs, broken iPods, unpaid bills, spelling, and grammar.
Favorite Job? Sniper.
Favorite Place? Somewhere in Al de Baran. I don't wanna give specifics.
"Oh yeah!"

Forum Moderator Eerongal

Name? Eric.
Likes? Programming, wasting time, not being at work, Video games (duh), Being an NPC.
Dislikes? Drama, Low player counts. This means you, projective player! >:|
Favorite Job? Paladin.
“Squik is a dumb-face. >:(“

Come Get It While It's Hot!

Thank you for considering making yourself part of our community.
You'll find it's easy to download and install what you need to access our server.
Aside from the client, everything else listed on this page is optional and provided for your convenience.

aRO Client [ Download ]

Updated August 28th.
This is most likely what you're here for.
We offer the client through a direct download now, but please don't abuse it with download accelerators.

In order to register an account, you'll need to email our admin after your download is completed.
Once you've downloaded the client, open up angelic.exe.
Once the patching is complete, a link detailing registration is available.

Thanks to CronosMK for helping us get the direct download set up.

aRO Light [ Download ]

Updated August 28th.
An alternate client download for people who already have kRO Sakray and don't wish to download our full client.
Requires a kRO Sakray client, and ONLY exists for people who already have it.
This version of aRO requires kRO Sakray updates, and thus doesn't include updates seperately.
For this reason, it doesn't have the same benefit of getting patches earlier than kRO.

aRO Status Viewer [ Download ]

Be able to check the status of our server from the comfort of your own taskbar.
Once running, this program lets you know how the of the login, character, and map servers are doing.

RO Mouse Freedom [ Download for Windows 9x ] [ Download for Windows NT, 2000 and XP ]

If you enjoy playing in windowed mode instead of fullscreen, this may come in handy.
It lets you move the mouse into and out of the playing window freely, freeing you up for other tasks while you're still killing that tough monster.

February 6, 2008 - Donation drive over! (Sara)
We have reached our goal in the donation drive already!
Wow, thanks so much everyone!
I guess I shoulda known I could count on all of you! *blink* o.o

February 5, 2008 - Donation drive! (Sara)
We're taking donations to pay for our webserver, WingDreams.
Anyone donating will get webspace and an e-mail address.
We need a total of about 130$ US.
Donations must be in before the middle of March!
Come on, people, if we don't get the donations, aRO will half-die!
We need WingDreams to host our client download, our forums...
The donation button is on our site at leafcat.net!
Etc, etc! Come on!

November 16, 2007 - Something interesting!? (Sara)
A strange new sailor has arrived in Alberta Harbor.
He arrived on a strange iron boat, flying unknown colors.
Wherever could he have come from!?
Also! Harvest festival event! Click here for details!

November 11, 2007 - Advance Patch (Sara)
Later this month, there will be a rather large patch~
So, to prevent patch server congestion...
I've put it up for early download. ^^;
Click here to download it.
Extract the zipped patch files into the RO folder.
Yes, Light Client users also need this patch. Sorry~